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Change Log





Revision 6752

  • fixed min version number for Firefox 36.0 and Thunderbird 31.0
  • small fixes




Revision 6738

  • implemented Bug 1153509 - Translation notification bar pushes Navbar/FindBar tool button when open Sidebar
  • implemented Bug 1038811 - Implement Push API
  • more adjusts for Addons Manager
  • fixed popup notification icon for password
  • adjusts for html buttons
  • implemented Web Ide toolbar button

Revision 6685

  • adjusts for Addons Manager from FF 40.0
  • added icon for Addons Experiments category
  • fixed About Cache emblem
  • implemented Bug 1139656 - Implement the first pieces of the all-doorhanger install flow for add-ons installed from websites
  • implemented Bug 1139677 - Display the user's FxA profile image in the Sync Pref pane
  • adjusts for suggested new tabs
  • work on dev tools
  • added default icons for notifications
  • implemented icons for addons install notifications
  • implemented visually selected tabs for electrolysis
  • fixed hover over menu items when in titlebar
  • implemented other actions button iconic - Thunderbiurd
  • fixes for sdk buttons icons
  • implemented Bug 1106917 - Content font size setting affects various UI elements too, breaking the layout
  • fixed multimessageview appearance - Thunderbird

Revision 6638

  • implemented downloads view for Thunderbird
  • fixed spin buttons appearance
  • implemented in-content preferences for Thunderbird
  • styled the account provisioner window for Thunderbird
  • implemented Bug 534083 - Provide image scaling for embedded images
  • work on Thunderbird's chat view
  • added tab icon for feed message - Thunderbird
  • fixed buddy tooltip for Thunderbird's chat
  • made Thunderbird's tabs in titlebar appearance like Firefox
  • implemented vertical toolbar borders for window normal sized
  • fixed #TabsToolbar border for customized window

Revision 6605

  • added icon for case sensitive at find bar
  • implemented the tool bar button for pocket
  • fixed bug with video controls
  • implemented reader
  • fixed about:config page appearance
  • styled the new tab page
  • fixed appearance for customization window on Mac
  • fixed downloads appearance

Revision 6572

  • made new tab button have a fixed width
  • fixes for titlebar and private browsing on ma
  • favicons also for pages that don't have one. Code "borrowed" from sveta. Thanks...
  • fixed some background colors for charamel
  • fixed some css errors
  • fixed groupboxes captions
  • fixed preferences pane for Thunderbird
  • new icons for preferences panel
  • added a little start margin for the first tab

Revision 6532

  • implemented the dev tools
  • implemented the new preferences pane
  • fixed padding and appearance from url bar icons - readinglist-addremove-button
  • general adjusts for about pages
  • added code for nav-bar-overflow-button
  • fixed problems with scrolling tabs to end not disabling scroll buttons
  • extended transparency for all Windows 7 themes
  • fixed search bar appearance and functionality

Revision 6441

  • implemented content-contextmenu
  • artwork - content-contextmenu.png
  • added code and icons for heartbeat
  • implemented Bug 1134513 - [EME] Create a teaching moment on first play of DRM-protected content
  • implemented Bug 1124400 - [ReadingList] Add section to bookmarks popup for reading list items and actions
  • added reader mode button
  • added Loop/Hello notifications
  • added code and graphics from default theme for readinglist
  • beginning work on tab crashed UI
  • adjusts for some about pages
  • artwork - tab crashed icons
  • fixed badged and socialmark buttons
  • implemented UITour
  • work on private browsing

Revision 6418

  • fixed downloads toolbar button in customize panel
  • implemented switch to metro button
  • fixed download button appearance in menu panel
  • fixed social-sidebar-button appearance
  • implemented Bug 1111148 - [EME] Add doorhanger to notify the user when DRM content is being played
  • implemented translation UI
  • made buttons no stretch vertically inside rows in pref panes
  • fixed height for animated pref panel
  • implemented sync panel
  • implemented Bug 762848 - [responsive mode] we need an "input" mechanism to set a size
  • implemented Bug 1043797 - Make the mixed content doorhanger more generic for all blocked content types
  • implemented Bug 1037408 - implement the global getUserMedia indicator
  • work for social share stuff
  • artwork - many new icons
  • made panel view and panel view items look like menu and menuitems
  • hack for avoiding icons that are smaller than 32px to be stretched at Panel UI, general work on this panel
  • added a generic image for toolbar buttons that are not implemented yet
  • fixed tabs in titlebar for Thunderbird - (aero)
  • implemented arrow panels
  • implemented Bug 867317 - Implement transition for showing and hiding toolbars




Revision 6231

  • fixed category icons at Addons Manager when window's width < 800px
  • fixed some error console warnings
  • fixed titlebar in private browsing for mac
  • styled about:tabcrashed page
  • fixed video controls volume for FF 28
  • fixed about:networking body width
  • fixed tag labels colors




Revision 6209

  • updated for Firefox and Thunderbird 28.0




Revision 5800

  • implemented Bug 741576a - Style tweaks for Computed view
  • implemented Bug 792387 - Rule view should highlight which sections of a css selector matches an element
  • implemented Bug 785134 - Update jsb to fix various bugs
  • Thunderbird - fixed bug with the draggable title bar
  • implemented Bug 819992 - Click-to-Play doorhanger appearing on every page with Flash
  • implemented Bug 729522 - Implement WebRTC navigator.getUserMedia() user interface
  • implemented Bug 768442 - It's impossible to add a sidebar inside a tab

Revision 5786

  • web console - fixed height from text box and close button
  • markup view - fixed twisty alignment
  • updated the debugger
  • implemented the markup view
  • updated csshtmltree file
  • implemented Bug 777011 - [webconsole] implement the dark theme for the webconsole toolbar
  • implemented Bug 754472 - click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui and Bug 793338 - click-to-play: implement multiple plugin doorhanger ui (vulnerability status bits)
  • implemented Bug 779686 - implement docked chat content areas
  • more styles for the facebook thing
  • more styles for social status area
  • implemented Bug 790112 - toolbar button doesn't reflect state of distinct buttons inside it
  • Thunderbird - fixed rss feed summary view in the message pane
  • Thunderbird - fixed toolbar from messenger compose "Format Toolbar"
  • fixed status-bar non-aero and aero styles for Thunderbird
  • implemented Bug 688981 - Place the web console in its own iframe
  • implemented Bug 764213 - Implement provisional Desktop UI for website sign-in with Persona
  • implemented Bug 776875 - GCLI: Move existing GCLI commands into JSMs

Revision 5753

  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 743974 - make layout of elements in the filter editor use the space available in the dialog more efficiently and consistently.
  • Thunderbird - implemented appmenu-button and appmenu
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 760079 - Attachment box should be wider
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 770139 - Use the platform specific presence icons in themes
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 793888 - Separators in the message header pane toolbar are not visible
  • Thunderbird - implemented draw in titlebar
  • Thunderbird - fixed scrollbutton-down alignment
  • implemented Bug 787274 - Secure connection text overflows location bar
  • Implemented Bug 773743 - Add the portrait and user display name to the share button popup
  • adjusts for the aboutSocialError
  • implemented Bug 766616 - proper ui on transport failures
  • added YouSendIt folder
  • Thunderbird - implemented the new next and previous unread messages buttons
  • Thunderbird - fixed tags not appearing when "Thunderbird Conversations" add-on is installed
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 767327 - Add to file link services
  • Thunderbird - fixed appearance from Account Central because of Bug 681735 - Account central is too tall to fit into a small window (600px high) because of too large fixed spaces between items / groups of items on Windows and Linux
  • implemented Bug 769095 - Enforce maximum icon size for nsIAlertsService's notification
  • implemented Bug 760625 - Use the blocklist to inform click-to-play plugins
  • Thunderbird - fixed statusTypeIcon's height
  • implemented Bug 749520 - Use new mozHasAudio API to let users know that the video being watched does not have an audio track
  • mplemented Bug 737873 - Implement mixed content highlighting in the web console
  • styled the new developer toolbar buttons
  • added social stuff
  • artwork - share-button-active.png and share-button-shared.png
  • artwork - share-button.png
  • implemented Bug 761174 - Always show a property tooltip, Bug 723071 - Add a pane to display the list of breakpoints across all scripts in the debugger and Bug 767377 - The filtering textbox expands when entering a string
  • made icons for about permissions smaller
  • added an options-emblem to the in-content options pane




Revision 5657

  • Thunderbird - removed tabmail binding since Bug 763308 - Implement Australis tabs with Firefox tab construct implement the same.
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 748358 - Change the appearance of the chat button instead of reopening the chat tab when receiving a message:
  • artwork - new icon chat for unread messages
  • implemented Bug 763522 - Show presence information in email headers
  • Thunderbird - fixed margins for the logTree
  • Thunderbird - fixed nextUnread, previousUnread, nextMsg and previousMsg buttons
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 716706 - Fix and enhance the feed Subscriptions dialog and Bug 750292 - Fix/renovate feed opml import/export
  • implemented Bug 754133 - Set background of standalone images (the image itself, not the whole page) to white
  • implemented Bug 725286 - Plugin placeholder text for the unsupported platforms is misleading
  • implemented in-content preferences
  • implemented Bug 716107 - Better key input support in DOM full-screen mode and Bug 711618 - implement basic click to play permission model
  • added new orion-breakpoint.png and orion-debug-location.png
  • adjusts for debugger variables
  • implemented debugger for FF 15.0
  • implemented Bug 733747 - Highlight changed items in the rule view and Bug 745961 - Very hard to find the clickable region for adding a new CSS property in the Style Inspector
  • implemented Bug 703643 - be able to copy from the rules view
  • implemented Bug 727867 - Rule view indicate when invalid values are entered
  • implemented Bug 749628 - Implement a "Responsive Design" tool
  • implemented Bug 749626 - Theme update: make the close button code generic and implement the dark theme for menulists
  • implemented Bug 749974 - Items in Developer tools menu have inconsistent check state
  • added highlighter options button
  • implemented Bug 667586 - Clear identity block when typing a different URL into location bar
  • implemented Bug 761952 - Thunderbird 13 Attachment Window "add" button for attachment services is cut-off
  • implemented Bug 456169 - Add "Tag" button to new interface for message headers
  • implemented Bug 718342 - Add "Reply to Sender" button to message header for NNTP posts
  • initial work for the Downloads panel
  • artwork - new downloadButtons.png
  • implemented Bug 683954 - [Layout] Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node
  • implemented Bug 735214 - [inspector] Give the focus to the toolbar and make the buttons tabbable
  • added the treepanel-button.png (highlighter)
  • implemented Bug 717916 - Add an Inspect button and a node menu to the infobar
  • implemented Bug 744964 - Plugin click-to-play popup notification icon should use the plugin icon, not the add-on icon
  • removed files for Firefox versions < 4.0 and Thunderbird < 3.3
  • fixed favicons for Firefox < 10.0
  • fixed searchbar button for Firefox < 15.0

Revision 5583

  • implemented new identity box and icons
  • implemented Bug 491636 - -moz-user-focus:normal for selected tabs should be set consistently and in the content stylesheet
  • implemented Bug 711552 - Create click to play UI for desktop and Bug 746859 - Add a play icon to the click-to-play placeholde
  • Thunderbird - implemented chat stuff
  • Thunderbird - fixed borders for reply button

Revision 5530

  • fixed tabs and buttons for FF and TB 14.0
  • fixes for the search box at Address Book

Revision 5526

  • some more styles for YouSendIt
  • fixed styles for the attachment notification box
  • fixed extension icon for the status4evar extension
  • removed unnecessary !important flags
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 446291 - improved attachment preferences pane
  • Thunderbird - fixed typos at glodaFacetView.css
  • added htmlpanel.css
  • changed border colors for splitter
  • implemented Bug 731041 - Tidy up addon inline preferences code, add labels for checkboxes, remove ugly description hack
  • bumped apps max version
  • fixed buttons for FF 15
  • fixed highlighter splitter colors
  • implemented Bug 717923 - Use an icon for the inspect button
  • implemented Bug 697006 - Add desktop support for the Open Web Apps API
  • artwork - icons for webapps
  • implemented Bug 687958 - Refactor about:certerror expanders and make them accessible
  • fixed icons not appearing at address book. Thanks to Loveforty!
  • fixed bug with the hack for making tabs play nice when Mail Toolbar is hidden - see: Bug Report
  • couple adjusts for the debugger
  • added new devtools files from the default theme
  • hidden the "Show:" label globally at the Customize window
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 714390 - Folder Location and Mail Views items are cut off in the customize toolbar dialog
  • implemented Bug 718860 - Use the "dummy" smart reply button in the message header customization dialog

Revision 5490

  • fixed tabs for Thunderbird < 11.0
  • added rules for the detail-icon-container also for Firefox < 13.0
  • the patch for the css border-image was backed out for 13 too...




Revision 5462

  • fixed the -moz-border-image specifications for Firefox 12 - The patch for Bug 497995 - Implement border-image revisions in latest css3-background, was backed out on the beta channel
  • implemented Bug 681548 - Media controls visual refresh
  • implemented Bug 666306 - Video content should become large play button when video is not autoplay and with controls enabled
  • implemented Bug 717924 - Move the HTML tree view in the Page Inspector above the inspector toolbar
  • code for the new livemarks icons
  • changes on the dev tools
  • fixed bookmark-menu-button text
  • changes on splitview.css
  • added html rules for the highlighter
  • fixed the bookmarks-menu-button on the customize window
  • artwork - new graphics for livemarks

Revision 5450

  • fixed aero toolbar appearance from Lightning

Revision 5443

  • made CompactHeader's "one line option" looks thinner.
  • fixed TMP favicons

Revision 5440

  • some fixes for the ContactTabs extension
  • better styles for buttons of type menu-button
  • Thunderbird - fixed the right margin from text in the folder pane
  • Thunderbird - fixed disabled status from quick filter toolbar button
  • fixed height from colorpicker buttons
  • fixed pref pane from TestPilot extension
  • added a margin top to the tabs when they are under a visible menu bar

Revision 5417

  • loading aero styles dynamically. Added the preference "extensions.silvermelxt.aeroEnabled" to control the behaviour.

Revision 5396

  • Thunderbird - aero styles
  • added general rules for toolbar buttons inside the tab toolbar
  • adjusts for use the same tab style approach as in Firefox
  • Thunderbird - fixed tabs toolbar background color
  • Thunderbird - fixed search box focused status
  • Thunderbird - added a warning icon to the account creation window
  • fixed appearance of addon's details view because of Bug 715735 - Detail view icon has no dimensions set, causes a relayout when it loads
  • fixed aboutMemory page on FF 3.6
  • fixed border top from bookmarks toolbar when using a Persona

Revision 5363

  • implemented Bug 701635 - Style Editor should have a page loading placeholder
  • artwork - new compact_header/toolbar.png, mail-toolbar-small.png, mail-toolbar.png and notjunk-button.png for Silvermel and Charamel
  • adjusted changes for tabs to work nice with personas
  • adjusted colors for the new tab window
  • tab design modifications
  • implemented reset box for about:support
  • fixed bug with tabs overflow
  • newTab stuff
  • fixed button's font size on aboutCertError page
  • fixed font size for buttons on the multimessage view
  • fixed the about:memory page
  • fixed tab context menu from Thunderbird
  • fix problem on some computers with sidebar header background color
  • fixed background color for Lightning

Revision 5326

  • artwork - new rounded buttons
  • added padding to the customizeToolbar window
  • added rule for buttons[checked]

Revision 5318

  • bumped versions number
  • improvements on SilvermelXT extension
  • implemented Bug 693510 - drop support for prefixes from border-radius* and box-shadow
  • adjusted margin-left for the addons-view-button
  • fixed the promo panel inside notification popup
  • implemented better preload for buttons




Revision 5306

  • improvements on SilvermelXT extension
  • adjusted margin-left for the addons-view-button
  • fixed the promo panel inside notification popup
  • implemented better preload for buttons




Revision 5262

  • several adjusts for the devtools
  • implemented Bug 689543 - Alignment in message thread pane is off
  • Thunderbird - gave a little padding for the multimessage header view toolbox
  • implemented Bug 689543 - Alignment in message thread pane is off
  • Thunderbird - added files for the account provisioner
  • implemented Bug 677421 - Add support for OpenSearch from Thunderbird
  • implemented Bug 685437 - Attachment pane width in composer is not consistent
  • Thunderbird - Bug 526303 - (Persistent) "Reply to sender" button on header should not be dropdown
  • implemented Bug 470628 - Video - Provide a Full Screen button
  • Thunderbird - highlight unread messages on special folders
  • fixed Bug 624936 - Cannot close tab group if it has certain size because "rename" field pops up and overlays close button
  • fixed chrome.manifest for Thunderbird
  • fixed hover active image for the highlighter close button
  • adjusted some colors for the inspector
  • implemented Bug 687265 - Front-end support for flash on Android Fennec
  • implemented Bug 591780 - spell checker should support dictionaries from restartless addons
  • artwork - new dictionaryGeneric.png icon
  • updated videocontrols.css
  • implemented Bug 675823 - Rework Sync setup UI: "J-PAKE First"
  • modified rules for the new border-image specifications
  • added the new newtab files
  • adjusted code for the new breadcrumbs buttons
  • artwork - new breadcrumbs buttons
  • fixed highlighter close button for FF 9.0
  • implemented Bug 664895 - Make the details pane not jump when a screenshot image is loaded
  • implemented Bug 688461 - Search result for tabs from other windows is truncated for certain sites
  • added newaddon.css
  • implemented Bug 575234 - Create attribute-value editor for HTML inspector
  • artwork - emblems for the newaddon page

Revision 5203

  • implemented Bug 564900 - Add folder to Library sidebar specifically for downloads
  • fixed toolbarbuttons style for the address book window
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 667252 - Autoconfig wizard: Fix styling and order of buttons on Windows
  • implemented Bug 665515 - Unsupported types of inline settings show as an empty row
  • implemented Bug 481082 - Video controls should listen for |stalled| event
  • implemented Bug 664436 - [highlighter] Remove the main iframe
  • implemented Bug 663898 - [highlighter] make sure the selected node is identifiable even on very dark and very light backgrounds
  • added top borders to the findbar
  • implemented Bug 663611 - display pointer cursor when hovering tab groups
  • Thunderbird - fixed borders for the Format Toolbar on the compose window
  • fixed toolbarbuttons style for the compose window
  • implemented Bug 593795 - Need warning for moving cards via the message header if the cards exist in a list
  • Thunderbird - fixed position from address book popup menu
  • Thunderbird - augmented height from Account Manager
  • fixed incoming and outgoing area boxes on the Create Account window for Thunderbird < 3.4a1
  • Thunderbird - fixed tabs Drag and Drop
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 549045 - Fix Account Wizard UI
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 544984 - Improve print format of attachment file names, esp. remove content-type and content-encoding
  • fixed CheckPlaces icon on the Library window
  • Thunderbird - another implementation for Bug 282068 - RFE: Ability to collapse attachment pane:
  • new search-bar.png graphics
  • fixed several problems brought from Bug 497995 - Implement border-image revisions in latest css3-background
  • fixed attachment style for the compose window

Revision 5169

  • adjusted styles for the attachment view
  • bumped applications maxVersion number
  • fixed new task window toolbarbuttons from Lightning
  • fixed icon for reply buttons

Revision 5151

  • fixed bug with tabbox from Lightning
  • Thunderbird - fixed bug header view toolbar on the wrong side
  • fixed issues with autoscroller on Thunderbird - many thanks to Peter W. for writing the patch.
  • fixed issues with the Compact Header extension - many thanks to Peter W. for writing the patch.
  • fixed identity and notification popup font color when using a Persona




Revision 5128

  • fixed CheckPlaces button
  • bumped max version number for Firefox and Thunderbird

Revision 5107

  • fixed glitch on the compose message window from TB 7.0.
  • added code for AIOS small icons
  • artwork - added AIOS small icons
  • implemented Bug 674229 - Repeat bubbles in Web Console are too close to the Source Link
  • made .snippet fonts on multimessage view darker
  • got rid of space on alert button
  • made menulists descriptions gray and italic (as in Thunderbird's "Account Name")
  • fixed icons on Addons Manager's Category selector when the window is small and the names are collapsed




Revision 5081

  • implemented Bug 663898 - [highlighter] make sure the selected node is identifiable even on very dark and very light backgrounds
  • adjusted twisty top margin on inspector pane
  • implemented Bug 664436 - [highlighter] Remove the main iframe
  • implemented Bug 654721 - Remove the "orphan tab" concept from Panorama
  • fixed bug theme doesn't show bookmarks chevron when toolbar is in text mode
  • removed the margin right from toolbar buttons of type menu. In this way the Fitt's Law works for toolbar buttons on the right end of the window, like the bookmarks menu button
  • fixed height from Addons utils button
  • fixed font colors for "not compatible" and "to be disabled" addons
  • removed the elasticity from new-tab-button if TMP is in use
  • fixed position from subject header when the subject is wrapped. See:
  • fixed appmenu-button's borders for Aurora and Nightly when using Aero
  • fixed appmenu-button's top border for Aurora and Nightly
  • made header names a little darker (Thunderbird)

Revision 5061

  • fixed the echofon-appmenu-button hover status
  • fixed the pref window from FfChrome extension
  • fixed font-size from buttons of type menu-button
  • fixed text alignment on html buttons
  • fixed "Open Containing Folder" button left margin on about Support page
  • fixed buttons for the feature configurator from Thunderbird
  • decreased a bit the size of buttons

Revision 5047

  • implemented Bug 416459 - Implement proper cut action for bookmarks
  • code for AIOS sidebar buttons
  • artwork - icons for AIOS sidebar
  • implemented different appmenu buttons for Aurora and Nightly

Revision 5035

  • made inactive tabs more visibly detached from content and toolbars
  • fixed bug vertical scrollbarbuttons disappearing randomly

Revision 5031

  • fixed toolbar from DownThemAll extension on Windows7/Vista
  • fixed Downloads Manger's retry button position when using AIOS extension
  • made font colors on Downloads Manager a little brighter

Revision 5022

  • code for the new download buttons
  • artwork - new graphics for download and extension buttons
  • improved font colors for the download manager
  • changed font colors for selected addons on Addons Manager
  • artwork - new extensionButtons.png with buttons for selected addons
  • hidden titlebar buttons for aero
  • fixed Directory Listing bug - flickering on mouse hover
  • fixed font-size for the inspector panel
  • implemented Bug 642471 - (highlighter) Rewrite PanelHighlighter using transparent xul iframe and canvas
  • implemented Bug 664788 - console.log(message) doesn't show leading whitespace in message

Revision 5004

  • added view buttons icons
  • artwork - icon for view button
  • implemented tiles and list view for Downloads Manager
  • fixed bug scrollbar thumb not showing sometimes
  • fixed "edit" button from new Stylish extension - added a -moz-image-region for "generic" .addon-control
  • fixed glitches with Echofon's pref window

Revision 4971

  • removed button text shadows
  • removed opacity from disabled buttons
  • setting width for pref windows not of type child and minWidth for type child
  • changed some absolute font sizes to relative




Revision 4956

  • fixed captions for groupbox inside groupbox inside groupbox (e.g., SaveImage extension pref window)
  • adjusted the pref window from SaveImage extension
  • fixed captions for groupbox inside groupbox
  • fixed colorpickers

Revision 4948

  • fixed tooltips under Mac - thanks to mcdavis, who found the solution and DMCrimson for gently adapting it for Silvermel!
  • fixed html buttons that have a .button-text
  • fixed attachment toggle margins - Thunderbird
  • fixed the dialog button box for the Account Manager on Thunderbird
  • fixed margin left for dialog buttons
  • fixed buttons appearance for the multimessageview on Thunderbird
  • fixed downloads buttons when addon has status=installing
  • solved issues with Stylish "twisty" buttons (Options pane with "Sort by: enabled" view)

Revision 4922

  • solved issues with download and notification popups buttons
  • fixed buttons for the Thunderbird Feature Configurator pane
  • fix for rows inside the LanguagesDialogPane
  • changed approach to style buttons. Now the size of them is according the font-size from system

Revision 4884

  • fixed background color for lists header
  • fixed issues with the Sanitize Dialog sizes.
  • fixed prefpanes cropped when pre window is animated.

Revision 4864

  • diminished margin-top for group boxes
  • fixed group box's caption when inside tab box
  • fixed height not working on non animated windows
  • implemented Bug 653637 - Provide a simple way for addons to have preferences UI

Revision 4855

  • added a padding to pref windows that don't have selector buttons
  • adjusts for the TooMany Tabs extension
  • adjusting the pref windows size with bindings
  • fixed pref windows buttons from BBCode Extra extension

Revision 4843

  • implemented Bug 660229 - about:permissions left-side list auto resizes when string not found
  • implemented Bug 660279 - Truncated "Learn more" and button in geolocation doorhanger (does not fit, too long, Russian, Esperanto)
  • styled scale elements
  • fixed missing list check boxes for Quick Locale Switcher extension
  • fixed background-color for scrollbars (Charamel)
  • made rules for the paneDeckContainer global
  • reading now the font-size computed value from firstChild instead of the root

Revision 4823

  • bumped max version for Thunderbird
  • major modifications on how I calculate the dimensions for the pref window
  • fixed bug - width from addon download progress description
  • fixed incompatible addons font-color and badge - not red and without badge if check compatibility is disabled
  • made inactive themes appearance like inactive extensions
  • fixed pref pane tabs and tab box shadows for large fonts on Windows
  • implemented Bug 618913 - Implement in product notifications to set up Sync
  • artwork - new sync-24.png images
  • implemented Bug 545070 - plugin-problem UI shouldn't say "click here" and added missing icons
  • Web Console - inheriting the textbox appearance for the input node

Revision 4798

  • made rule for avoiding messes on menu lists when using large fonts more globally. This fixed the about:permissions page
  • bumped Firefox max version
  • better implementation from separation of pinned and unpinned tabs. When using Panorama the old one didn't work.
  • made width of pinned tabs also depending on font-size
  • fixed radio width for some preferences windows
  • made rules for grouboxes and captions global
  • added rule for the height of titlebar
  • fixed messes brought from Bug 595848 - Support registering custom add-on types that appear in the UI as a regular list
  • fixed the "Subscribe now" button font size for the feed page
  • a little love to captions (the title form group boxes)

Revision 4761

  • styled the about permissions page Silvermel/Charamel alike
  • fixed background colors from Page Info for Charamel
  • added aboutPermissions.css file - initial work on Bug 573176 - Implement Site-Specific Privacy Preference
  • fixed some glitches on General Pane for Page Info window
  • changed font color and icon opacity for inactive themes
  • fixed dropmarker margin for FireFTP extension-support.css
  • fixed dropmarker for FireFTP extension
  • a better fix for the InstantFox extension

Revision 4750

  • added a little gap between pinned and normal tabs
  • fixed some glitches from Lightning extension - tabs and calendar navigation control bar
  • fixed font size for html buttons

Revision 4745

  • fixed buttons and alignments issues from the about:support page
  • fixed height from Advanced Pane from Echofon preferences
  • centered the title change effect for pinned tabs

Revision 4738

Revision 4732

  • more adjusts for the collapsible attachments view
  • artwork - new dirListing/local.png and messenger/icons/save-file.png
  • Thunderbird - implemented Bug 282068 - RFE: Ability to collapse attachment pane
  • made scrollbar button appear on expanded message headers (e.g., when clicking the "more" button)
  • allowing scrollbars on message header only for the all headers view - Thunderbird
  • dropped support for Firefox and Thunderbird 2.0
  • modified font size for buttons to go with user system font-size preferences
  • assigned calendar.png to the bookmark query [dayContainer]
  • fixed Options - Application Pane distance between icons and labels
  • fixed padding for the find bar
  • added a bottom border to the nav bar
  • fixed close tabs button position for Thunderbird 3.3a4

Revision 4672

  • adjusts for TMP tabs progress bars
  • fixed glitch with the find bar when using large fonts
  • fixed issue with the Stylish editor tools button when using large fonts
  • fixed issues with the TooMany Tabs extension
  • fixed buttons and menu lists alignment issues on pref panes when using large font sizes.
  • artwork - new url buttons (go, stop and refresh)

Revision 4664

  • fix for Echofon's user view buttons.
  • fixed issues with the url bar when using very large font sizes
  • artwork - new url buttons - a bit wider
  • code for the new wider url buttons




Revision 4647

  • fixed windows controls hover and active states (broken because of tabs toolbar buttons rules)
  • fixed glitch tabs toolbar bottom strip not going all the way to the edge when in fullscreen (thanks to mcdavis)

Revision 4645

  • white TabsToolbar buttons when tabs are on titlebar for aero
  • fixed tabs height for Windows Classic theme

Revision 4639

  • made url and search bar transparent only if tabs are not on top (aero)
  • fixed favicons position for pinned tabs

Revision 4629

  • added transparency to tabs on titlebar for aero

Revision 4625

  • some adjusts for Tab Mix Plus
  • tab content moved 1px to up

Revision 4620

  • changed some transparencies for aero
  • artwork - new graphics for the identity button - to make text a bit more readable
  • fixed alignment from Extended Statusbar
  • fix for the Extended Statusbar extension
  • changed the appearance from Sync button when status="active"
  • made titlebar smaller on aero
  • fixed toolbar separators for aero
  • fixed bottom border color from menubar for aero




Revision 4572

  • adjusts for Colorful Tabs

Revision 4567

  • fix for Fitt's law on aero
  • more adjusts for the appmenu-button

Revision 4552

  • diminished a little the height from appmenu-button.
  • try to align the appmenu-button on normal sized windows on Windows 7

Revision 4546

  • handled the AIOS extension
  • a try to fix small glitches on the titlebar-button-container on Windows 7
  • more fixes for Status 4-evar extension

Revision 4522

  • styled appmenu-button for aero
  • added a top padding to the tab mail panels for better play with tabs gradient.
  • fixed some console errors
  • fixed Bug 643628 - Last updated date misplaced in search results
  • diminished a little bottom padding from appmenu button-box

Revision 4509

  • som adjusts for tabs height
  • fixes for Tree Style Tabs - many thanks to Mento!

Revision 4502

  • removed width from preferences pane radios and added flex: 1 instead
  • fixed titlebar height when using large fonts
  • fixed appmenu-button border
  • fixed urlbar icons for the new version from Status 4Evar

Revision 4488

  • using CSS to style the app-button
  • artwork - new app-dropmarker with shadow

Revision 4481

  • added code for tab view when using Personas - aero
  • removed border-top from config window
  • adjusts for selected tabs normal and using Personas
  • fixed bugs with the new version from Colorful Tabs
  • changed background for selected tabs when using Personas
  • implemented Bug 638116 - use different background gradient colors in split menu buttons in Firefox Button
  • implemented Bug 623739 - CPU usage spikes because of animated hidden images
  • fixed bookmark items font color using Personas
  • some small fixes for aero

Revision 4442

  • work on compatibility with Personas
  • implemented Bug 611795 - Repeated messages in the Web Console should be collapsed into one
  • adjusts for tabs on top when the windows theme used is the classic
  • made text selectable on add-ons description
  • removed bindings from Add-ons Manager since Bug 631827 got fixed
  • fixed glitch with Programs window from FireFTP extension
  • fixed glitch with notification close button on FF3.6
  • fixed some glitches brought form status 4-evar extension
  • fixed appearance for tool bar buttons inside tabs tool bar when on title bar for full screen
  • fixed buttons hover states on add-ons manager and also button-link ("try again")
  • implemented Bug 627207 - "Text" cursor instead of "Move" in the top of tab group
  • implemented Bug 625320 - Move "Tab Groups" to the "list all tabs" menu
  • code for new disabled state arrows
  • artwork - new disabled arrows for tabs on title bar
  • artwork - new white arrows pixel exact
  • adjusted alignment from all-tabs button

Revision 4424

  • fixed TMP pinned tab glitch
  • added a little transparency to the status label
  • removed border from addons bar and gave a little more padding
  • fixed Bug 631649 and Bug 633213
  • implemented Bug 590744 - Add an edit sub menu to the Firefox menu
  • handled Bug 624129 - Make maximized windows w/ many tabs easier to drag
  • implemented Bug 625920 - Panorama: display of the lower part of character like g, j or p (in the title tab) is cut
  • implemented Bug 631598 - Panorama uses the wrong font on Mac
  • implemented Bug 633400 - Vertically align geolocation "Learn More..." link with menubutton
  • better positioned the close button inside the notification doorhanger
  • positioned buttons for the tab prompts at the right side
  • handled changes from Bug 613704 - Improve visual design for tab-modal buttons & dialog
  • fixed tabDragIndicator.png for FF 4.0
  • fixed action buttons - button for the cookies dialog

Revision 4399

  • added a shadow to the tabbrowser strip
  • some more adjusts for tab's height
  • removed bindings for url since Bug 631812 - URLBar broken on certain themes got fixed.

Revision 4392

  • added a bit padding to the addon-bar
  • some adjusts for pinned tabs
  • implemented Bug 595965 - App tabs bleed out of the group box
  • implemented Bug 626099 - Sync setup wizard: No space between links on manual sign in page
  • partially implemented Bug 591652 - Make the tab view (Panorama) background transparent to reveal glass (if enabled) on Windows
  • fixed some error console warnings
  • artwork - fixed active and hover graphics for the close button
  • updated the files to be conform with the new patch for Bug 631827
  • made addon text not appears like disabled when compatibility check is disabled
  • changed the way tabs are drawn
  • artwork - new tab graphics
  • implemented Bug 613749 - Fix tab-modal prompt sizing (min/max height/width & overflow)
  • adjusted description's font color for disabled addons
  • several fixes for the Addons Manager
  • fixed urlbar appearance - was broken after the patch for Bug 541656 - Display hyperlink URLs at bottom of window (instead of right side of location bar)
    The bindings part will be removed after Bug 631812 - URLBar broken on certain themes get fixed.
  • ixed the "try again" for failed downloads
  • fixed Fitt's Law for the new-tab-button
  • implemented Bug 605621 - Web Console output box should be reskinned
  • since add-on author is no more showed on add-ons manager, showing now the add-on description plus the link for "more"
  • implemented Bug 608468 - Details View should include the add-on Summary text from AMO
  • implemented Bug 628654 - Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of screen
  • implemented Bug 617553 - Doorhanger for add-on installation failures inside the AOM has no parent with chrome hidden

Revision 4349

  • made an exception for the white title bar buttons - not applying under luna-silver
  • added white icons for the title bar
  • artwork - new buttons for the title bar
  • adjusts for the title bar - removed background colors from TabsToolbar and menu bar
  • restricted menu styles only for the first-child menu
  • implemented Bug 526445 - Rearrange Sync prefs panel
  • fixed bug with menu inheritance

Revision 4341

  • new styles for the title bar
  • implemented Bug 594429 - Update the live filter search button in Panorama UI
  • implemented Bug 597776 - Design and implement custom expand icon
  • implemented Bug 619440 - Group item title field should use HTML5 placeholder
  • fixed malformed silvermel-tabs.xml
  • augmented width from the app menu secondary pane
  • implemented Bug 585253 - Submenus in Firefox Button should be larger (localized strings are not fully displayed)
  • artwork - new tab border images using black transparent shadows
  • fixed CSS error
  • implemented system colors for tabs in title bar
  • artwork - new tab bar buttons using transparency to better work with tabs on title bar
  • implemented Bug 589146 - Firefox menu items should display sub-menu on a slightly delayed hover
  • adjusts for AIOS extension
  • adjusted favicon for pinned tabs when tabs are on title bar
  • updated webConsole_networkPanel.css file
  • got rid of disabled buttons on Add-ons Manager
  • implemented Bug 585069 - xul images should support ratio scaling
  • implemented Bug 593535 - Failure to download extension causes about:addons to list the addon with no way to restart the download
  • fixed console Error: undefined entity
  • temporarily fix for the case Bug 626382 - Simplify toolbarbutton stylesheet requirements to make life easier for extensions will gonna be fixed
  • fixed bug with header value box for single line. See:
  • removed border from toolbars downside tabs on top and changed header background color on Add-ons Manager to play a bit better with tabs on top

Revision 4303

  • fixed "Colorful Tabs" appearance for tabs on title bar
  • adjusts for tabs in title bar
  • added negative bottom margins for toolbarbuttons inside the addons bar
  • removed hover backgrounds for dropmarkers placed on add-on bar

Revision 4295

  • fixed "Not now" doesn't appear on doorhanger panel
  • added left padding to the urlbar input box
  • fixed bug on multi message view - long subject text doesn't wrap
  • implemented Bug 570012 - Show download progress indicator when installing add-ons
  • removed hover and active backgrounds for toolbarbuttons placed on add-on bar
  • fixed background color for toolbarbuttons inside toolbaritems placed on the TabsToolbar
  • made add-ons bar smaller
  • augmented the space between info container and other rows for the tab prompts
  • restyled the Web Console
  • fixed pinned tabs height when "normal" icons are placed on the TabsToolbar (removed padding-top for them)
  • added negative left margin to the popup notifications
  • implemented Bug 615318 - Add a "not now" choice to all doorhanger notification split buttons
  • implemented Bug 594433 - Ensure the matched tab isn't over the search box in the Panorama UI
  • implemented Bug 589206 - Drawing a tab group should be transparent or in background view
  • changes due to Bug 602682 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup
  • made rules for buttons more specific because there are two elements with id=existingAccount on the xul file...
  • fixed padding for the buttons on first page - Sync related
  • artwork - new Sync 128px icons
  • implemented Bug 612699 - Sync UI: Update to simplify crypto
  • made rules for buttons of type menu-button global
  • fixed "Colorful Tabs" extension for FF 4.0

Revision 4257

  • diminished transparency for the main container of tab prompt
  • implemented Bug 613714 - Switch tab modal prompts from blur to slight dim
  • implenemted Bug 618437 - No indication of blocked popups when the notification bar is disabled
  • implemented Bug 596485 - Provide visual indication of Switch to Tab override
  • maximized the size of the viewport when the window is small
  • implemented Bug 601143 - Add loading/failure UI for Get Add-ons
  • fixed navigation buttons on Add-ons Manager
  • added the addon bar close button and positioned the content at the end of bar
  • removed exaggerated margin from trash button on multimessage view

Revision 4247

  • fixed issues with the bookmark menu button on FF 3.6 when "Toolbar Buttons" extensions is installed
  • reverse merged revision 4040 - it adds to much space to third party extensions icons
  • fixed tab labels margins
  • fixed the bug with the header-view-toolbox also on Thunderbird 3.1
  • limited width for the notifications
  • fixed position from notification's menu button
  • fixed menu button for indexedDB permissions prompt notification
  • fixed :hover:active state for Adblock Plus
  • made width from pinned tabs a little smaller

Revision 4236

  • fixed problem on 4.0b7 (b8 hasn't the problem) when all tabs are pinned
  • fixed pinned tabs appearance
  • adjusts on alert badge for used theme
  • fixed bug stylesheet being applied to content




Revision 4209

  • updated styles for add-ons according to Bug 601022 - Add final visual style and graphics to add-ons manager
  • added styles for the addon view
  • fixed appearance from "Personal Titlebar" extension
  • Styled the header buttons on Add-ons Manager
  • artwork - new information-tabmodal-64.png and question-tabmodal-64.png icons

Revision 4196

  • implemented changes from Bug 566194 - safe mode / security & compatibility check status are not exposed in new addon manager UI
  • implemented Bug 598786 - Need visual design for tab-modal prompts
  • implemented Bug 594367 - Keep the firefox button lit when the window is inactive
  • implemented app-button for private browsing
  • implemented Bug 596315 - Animate the opening and closing of the Web Console
  • fixed "Tool Tabs" extension appearance
  • fixed addons tiles appearance on search list

Revision 4159

  • fixed top alignment for menupopus from buttons type menu
  • style for the new addon-bar
  • fixed tabs for Calendar

Revision 4144

  • adjusts for the "Compatibility Report" extension
  • fixed bug with the Firefox button under Windows 2000
  • fixed alignment for sorters

Revision 4138

  • fixed the "to be enabled" badge state from add-ons
  • fixes for the "Tree Tab Style" extension

Revision 4126

  • made dimensions from tiles relative to the root font size
  • artwork - new icons for category-available and category-recent

Revision 4118

  • artwork - Sync icons for Charamel and Silvermel
  • added a button to change add-ons view
  • styled the new Add-ons Manager
  • adjusted height from Preferences Window because of Sync pane

Revision 4063

  • adjusts for Personas 1.6.1 on Thunderbird
  • artwork - slight changes on Adblock Plus icons

Revision 4047

  • Thunderbird - fixed tab images for extensions that handle this (Tool Tabs, e.g.)

Revision 4044

  • artwork - new icons for Adblock Plus extension
  • fixed toolbar buttons shaking when Sync has status=active
  • fixed sync button status active (throbber) for small icons
  • fixed feed button for Firefox < 4.0beta8

Revision 4035

  • fixed tab icon image for Thunderbird

Revision 4025

  • implemented Bug 596731 - Add web feed control to the toolbar customization palette
  • implemented Bug 432287 - add buttons and icons for zoom in/out to toolbar customization palette
  • fixed notification for addon-theme-change
  • got rid of navigation buttons dropmarkers
  • Applied changes from Bug 595388 - Use same padding for content and header
  • Applied changes from Bug 595390 - Don't use bold button labels
  • fixed back button disabled state
  • implemented navigations buttons for the extensions manager
  • fixed progress bar for Sync
  • work on Sync stuff
  • implemented Bug 560692 - Create style panel for web page inspector (reticle) Milestone 0.2 and Bug 561782 - Create DOM Panel for inspecting DOM nodes and their properties (reticle) Milestone 0.3
  • styled description from subscribe UI
  • added subscribe-ui.css - Part 4 from Bug 546857 - (kill-remote-xul) Drop support for XUL on web sites (remote XUL)
  • implemented Bug 574688 - replace the status bar with the addon bar
  • implemented Bug 602964 - return to using non deterministic throbbers (remove progress line / bar implementation)
  • implemented Bug 577096 - App Tabs should indicate change of state in <title>
  • fixed code for geolocation-notification button
  • code for emblem on notification pane
  • implemented Bug 592900 - Update the bookmarks menu from the nav toolbar to match changes in the Firefox menu
  • implemented appmenu icons
  • artwork - appmenu icons
  • work on appmenu Panes -
    * implemented mcdavis's idea for split menu arrows
  • some adjusts for tabs on aero (on aero it seems the tab text is higher - the tabs are 25px high instead of 21px)
  • adjusted menu hover colors for aero
  • fixed :hover:active status for small icons back and forward
  • fixed menubar for aero

Revision 3928

  • fixed appearance for popup-notification-menubutton
  • some fixes for TMP under FF4.0
  • stopped registering a skin provider for TMP under FF4.0 *
  • removed support for New Tab Button on Tab Right extension
  • removed code for the urlbar progress indicator
  • fixed urlbar appearance on customize
  • Firefox 4.0 - implemented tabbrowser tabs using border images instead of the bindings approach *
  • artwork - new app menu button
  • fixed main-window for aero
  • new icon for the bookmarks menu button on Personal Toolbar
  • fixed hover:active state for back and forward buttons

Revision 3890

  • implemented Bug 575609 - "Switch to Tab" autocomplete entries should have icon decorations (star, magnifier glass, et al.) like other entries
  • artwork - new bookmarks-menu-button.png
  • implemented Bug 587908 - On hyperlink hover, display the target in the location bar
  • implemented the tab view
  • fixed Find Bar label for FF 4.0
  • artwork - new tabview button silvermel alike
  • implemented Bug 589570 - Want a splitter that only exists to collapse, not to resize:
  • updated styles for the Web Console
  • implemented Bug 457801 - Implement -moz-placeholder pseudo-class:
  • fixed style for the about support page
  • fixed style for the about cache page
  • implemented Bug 596812 - Create css for a "connecting" state in the url bar/tab progress lines
  • implemented titlebar changes from Bug 575870 - Implement the firefox button on xp, classic, and aero basic
  • added window inactive state to the app button
  • implemented Bug 590873 - Border between tabs and navigation toolbar needs to be part of the navigation toolbar:
  • implemented Bug 588309 - Convert change password to a doorhanger panel:
  • artwork - key icons
  • implemented Bug 591516 - IndexedDB: Add some UI to prompt for IndexedDB permissions:
  • implemented Bug 561636 - When an invalid form is submitted, error messages should be displayed
  • fixed menu button at popup notification
  • changed the order from icons on the urlbar (e.g., geolocation and identity box)
  • fixed buttons on net error pages - the issue was brought from bug 54687 Part 3:
  • got rid of the about:robots emblem on FF 4.0 - see bug 591104
  • fixed tab bindings for Firefox 4.0
  • artwork - icons for the urlbar buttons
  • artwork - urlbar buttons backgrounds
  • added code for Firefox 4.0 urlbar progress indicator
  • fixed buttons at aboutDialog from FF 4.0
  • removed transparency from tabs using Personas
  • fixed bug tab context menu not appearing under Firefox 3.6.X
  • adjusted some text colors to work nice with Personas


Revision 3834

  • added support for Personas 1.6
  • fixed glitch with "Message Faces" extension
  • added TabView files and code
  • implemented Bug 571897 - port Sync 1.4 UI for Firefox to mozilla-central:
  • made the extension release notes text selectable
  • Bug 562622 - Implementation of the automatic vs. manual update design mockups
  • New Addons Manager - artwork - icon for utilities
  • New Addons Manager - artwork - icons for category-recent and category-available
  • Bug 558287 - Add support for searching add-ons on AMO via the addon manager's search bar:
  • Bug 576962 - console log/info etc. does handle multiple arguments + newline (\n):
  • added CSS code for Bug 560692 - Create style panel for web page inspector (reticle) Milestone 0.2:
  • fixed appearance for the FirefoxSyn extension
  • styled the heads up display window
  • fixed CompactHeader's Junk button
  • fixed alignment from ReminderFox's buttons box
  • making rules for Vista and 7 specifically for FF3.7(4.0)
  • fixed bug with drag and drop bookmarks inside sub folders from folders at personal bookmarks toolbar:
  • styled menuitem inside the popup notification (geolocation notification)
  • implemented Bug 398776 - (doorhanger) want mechanism for site-specific notification (doorhanger):
  • removed left padding from tabs toolbar when the menubar is active (menubar not showing and ALT key pressed) - Firefox 4.0
  • Bug 544817 - Create Bookmarks Widget with placement dependent on Bookmarks Bar status
  • implemented pinned tabs
  • fixed bug with Firefox Reader, Readable and Readability extensions. The buttons from those extensions have a panel inside them.
  • added new bookmarks-menu button
  • implemented Bug 571871 - Hovering "Print" menuitem shows black on blue instead of white on blue
  • Bug 534398 - Implement Heads Up Display console, js workspaces and related tools
  • fixed problems with the "AddressBook Tab" extension.
  • fixed bug with context menu from tabs brought from Bug 578614 - tab context menu should not appear when right-clicking new tab button or the space to its right:
  • added code for the locale generic icon and added icons for the xpi install dialog
  • artwork - new pageInfo.png
  • artwork - new icon for Languages at Add-ons Manager
  • styled the App menu button (Firefox 4.0)
  • added throbber to indicate download progress at new Add-ons Manager
  • added red border to pending add-ons
  • fixed issue with Lightning extension:
  • bumped max version from Firefox and added the skinnable tag for Personas

Revision 3752

  • Implemented a first run page when installing or upgrading themes
  • Thunderbird - multi-message view new styled
  • Bug 457187 - Make the tabs toolbar customizable
  • artwork - graphics for the "List All" and "All Tabs" buttons
  • Bug 528884 - Remove places' menu and toolbar bindings
  • Bug 560742 - Make the Migration Assistant into a modal dialog on first launch
  • Thunderbird - styled Feature Configurator window
  • got rid of border ring for focused buttons at aboutSupport.css
  • fixed text alignment in the "Authentication Required" dialog
  • fixed the Reply to Sender button.
  • Thunderbird - rewritten code for the message header to fix some alignments issues.
  • Thunderbird - styled the new Quick Filter Bar
  • fixed alignment from menu buttons when toolbar is customized for large icons and text beside icons (the tags button, for example)




Revision 3573

  • removed shadows from tab text
  • fixed the AddressBookTab extension issues with tab icons

Revision 3565

  • fixed issues with tab icon and close tab button on latest Lightning nightlie builds
  • better CSS selectors for tabs
  • fixed bug with menus on active windows for Thunderbird > 3.0
  • added margins to the dialog button box at Downloads Window

Revision 3548

  • Bug 557661 - change out of process plugin crash UI to make it easier to submit crash reports:
  • fixed the Options Window for all languages (the right fix)




Revision 3525

  • Bug 521890 - Use CSS Transitions for HTML5 videocontrols:

Revision 3517

  • added files for the plugin problem panes on content - Firefox 3.7
  • added shadows to tab-text
  • added icon for the "Switch to Tab" entry on urlbar popup
  • fixed alignment from wide downloads on donwloads window
  • adjusts for tabmixplus on Firefox < 3.7
  • fixed gray menu for inactive windows on FF 3.7
  • added text shadows for the identity box labels
  • fixed issues with the resizer

Revision 3499

  • added TMP extra icons on the pref window
  • fixed issues brought from Bug 347930 - Tab strip should be a toolbar instead:
  • fixed the update window - see Bug 480178:

Revision 3480

  • added rules for the smart reply button from "Compact Header" extension
  • fixed issues with the dimensions of preferences windows for all localizations. Now handled by the extension Silvermel and Charamel XT
  • fixed TMP AllTabs button appearing despite configuration, some adjusts on margins and height
  • support for "align version numbers to the right" from MRTech Toolkit Add-ons items layout options
  • Thunderbird - fixed margins from left pane's folder names - regression from revision 3401




Revision 3454

  • fixes issues with "Download Manager Tweak" extension
  • styled about:cache and about:memory pages
  • styled the about:memory page
  • fixed issue with mailTagger extension
  • added image at header for the "Display Contact Photo" extension

Revision 3407

  • fixed issues with AddressBookTab extension
  • made some performance related modifications
  • adjusted MagicSLR menu star icon
  • artwork - new star.png for Compact Header (and MagicSLR) extensions
  • fixed menu icon for MagicSLR extension
  • fixed the calendar invitations richlistitem




Revision 3329

  • fixed problem with the auto hide menu bar

Revision 3315

  • SilvermelXT will auto-uninstall if Charamel or Silvermel are not installed.
  • Fixed bug with Chatzilla
  • fixed font color for empty search input for TB 3.2
  • removed search bar magnifiy glass
  • changed background images for menus (96dpi instead of 72)
  • defined font color for text boxes (solved issue with APNG Editor extension)
  • fixed issue with Lightning - font color for calendar invitations

Revision 3195

  • fixed toolbar buttons from Sage extension
  • fixed new dialog window from AdBlock Plus
  • fixed problem with private browsing icon:
  • added support for text beside icons on Thunderbird 3.0 - the small icons will be still showing text beside icons even if the bottom position is choose (normal Silvermel behavior)
  • Thunderbird - made header values selectable
  • updated accountCreation.css
  • Thunderbird - fixed throbber




Revision 3172

  • solved issues with "Remove Duplicate Messages"
  • Thunderbird - added code for the Attachment Notification Box
  • fixed bug with the "MailRedirect" extension
  • added support for Personas under Thunderbird 3.0
  • fixed issue with Lightning - agenda box highlight under Luna
  • Thunderbird - fixed issues with attached images don't shrinking to fit window width and updated the messageBody.css file
  • fixed issues with Compact Header extension
  • artwork - new buttons for Compact Header extension
  • fixed bug with urlbar under Firefox for openSUSE KDE.
  • fixed the German Mail Account Setup window width.
  • fixed issues with autoHideSatusbar extension
  • fix for Personas under Linux
  • Thunderbird - fixed the sort bar at gloda view
  • fixed issue with Cute Menu

Revision 3110

  • fixed issues with "Compact Header" extension v.1.0.1
  • artwork - new compact header toolbar.png
  • fixed date time picker's dropmarker
  • fixed the tabs close button for Firefox 3.7
  • Thunderbird - gave a little more space for the status bar
  • Thunderbird - fixed scrollbars unnecessarily appearing at message header
  • Thunderbird - updated the Gloda View Page
  • added support for Hide Caption Titlebar Plus extension
  • fixed small issue with "Stationary" extension
  • added support for "TooManyTabs" extension

Revision 3087

  • Charamel - fixed background color for the bottom bar
  • fixed some tab styles for Tab Mix Plus

Revision 3084

  • fixed weird problem with Identity Button at address bar due to the combination TabMix Plus and CoolPreviews




Revision 3022

  • new progress-pulsing.png images - throbber for FF3.7
  • new icon and preview images
  • fixed Compact Header 0.8.3
  • updated message header buttons for TB > 3.0b4
  • Thunderbird - changed featureConfigurator.css to look more "melish"
  • fixed problems with Personas and Colorful Tabs
  • added shadow to downloads window button bar
  • fixed pref pane's background color for AIOS

Revision 2895

  • fixed appearance for the Application Picker under FF 3.0, 3.5 and 3.6
  • Thunderbird - added support for "Compact Header" extension
  • styled the Gloda Facet View
  • Thunderbird - fixed font color from search box when not empty

Revision 2864

  • Charamel - fixed KUI Panel colors (AllTabs and Ctrl+Tab)
  • fixed KUI search box text color
  • removed the generic toolbar button
  • Charamel - fixed background color from Page Info
  • more contrast for Options and Addons windows
  • Thunderbird - work on the new account creation pane
  • Thunderbird - new contact-generic icon
  • made tabs 1px higher
  • less margin for new tab button and tabs
  • fixed new window and new tab buttons - glove
  • fixed alignment issues with big fonts on find bar
  • Thunderbird - initial work on the gloda search
  • Thunderbird - fixed width from attachments at attachments view
  • Thunderbird - fixed Message Header appearance
  • changed the themeGeneric.png icon - using the default theme icon for it
  • added addon icons for plugins and personas
  • fixed bug on Lightning 0.9 - Priority button didn't work
  • new tabs
  • Thunderbird - fixed the new Folder Location on TB 3.0 not showing icons
  • Thunderbird - fixed wrong borders at composer
  • fixed align glitches for back and forward buttons when using icons and text




Revision 2727

  • fixed the new Folder Location on TB 3.0 not showing icons
  • fixed wrong borders at composer
  • changed tabs for tabbrowser - using now the colorful tabs
  • fixed align glitches for back and forward buttons when using icons and text
  • sometimes the attribute "icons" is not set - so making rule without attribute for toolbar buttons dropmarker




Revision 2614

  • fixed dropmarker's position on toolbars with large icons
  • fixed padding for home button at personal bookmarks toolbar
  • aligned text at start globally for small icons and text

Revision 2579

  • Thunderbird - fixed bug person icon not appearing at address book
  • another approach for adjust some textboxes height - they were to narrow, e.g. the DOMi inspect textbox
  • fixed glitches at menulists
  • changed css rules to point to replaced images on smime folder
  • Thunderbird - fixed bug with junk button due to "Enigmail" extension
  • fixed position from editBookmarkPanelStarIcon
  • added new buttons for TMP's pref panel
  • fixed error with TMP 090830 - entity not defined
  • added case uppercase about:Robots




Revision 2538

  • added places icons to edit bookmarks panel
  • implemented editBookmarkPanel resizing on folderTree un-collapse.
  • changed code for CtrlTab and AllTabs panes
  • changed panes background colors (KUI)
  • adjusted margin for the about:license page

Revision 2499

  • added file for the about:cache page - it works adding @import url("chrome:browser/skin/aboutCache.css"); to userContent.css or Stylish extension
  • fixed the tab drag indicator for FF 3.6

Revision 2495

  • fixed the autohide menubar for FF 3.6
  • artwork - new generic icons - it appears instead of the whole Toolbar.png if a button has no code
  • improved code for toolbarbuttons
  • Thunderbird - fixed folderview-cycler for TB 2.0

Revision 2491

  • added new icon for the full screen button (FF 3.6)
  • modified the search icon on searchbox
  • fixed new tab button for tabmixplus
  • fixed close button for Lightning's calendar tab
  • adjusted some textboxes height - they were to narrow, e.g. the DOMi inspect textbox
  • Thunderbird - fixed "jumping" small toolbar if contains menu lists or text boxes
  • fixed align for menu buttons on small toolbar with text

Revision 2473

  • general code improvement for better performance
  • Thunderbird - added icon for "NotJunk" button
  • added a generic icon for "unknown" toolbar buttons
  • added rule for tabbable tool bar buttons and highlit text for focused buttons on find bar
  • aligned the card view pane
  • fixed tool bar buttons issues on Thunderbird
  • changed the icon for blocked xpi install at notification box

Revision 2432

  • Thunderbird - improved the "Quick Account Setup"
  • fixed tab close button for FF 2.0
  • fixed error described on error-console from Thunderbird
  • improved code for better performance
  • got rid of several files related to FF and TB 1.5
  • dropped support for FF and TB 1.5




Revision 2319

  • removed close button an last tab for 3.5, maintaining it for 3.0 according to the default theme
  • restored the style for TMP tab's progressmeter
  • Thunderbird - fixed hover state for tab's close button

Revision 2313

  • Thunderbird - fixed button "Reply All"
  • Thunderbird - fixed Bug 502879 -
  • Thunderbird - added hover effects for links at multi message view
  • Thunderbird - added code for tabmail busy, thinking and glodaSearch
  • Thunderbird - changed the icon for special folder - virtual
  • little adjusts for Lightning
  • Thunderbird - general adjusts of margin and paddings for panel views
  • Thunderbird - added the multi message view
  • Thunderbird - added rules for the Attachments Pane
  • Thunderbird - added activity icons
  • Thunderbird - changed smiles
  • Thunderbird - added icon for not-junk checked mails
  • added icons for "Check Places" extension
  • added new icons for "Read it Later" extension

Revision 2272

  • fixed dropmarkers for FireFTP extension
  • made new installed addons more visible at Addons window
  • changed backgrounds colors for hover and hover:active state for toolbar buttons on the tab bar
  • made the dropmarkers on toolbarbuttons more Silvermel styled
  • Thunderbird - solved issue with the Attachments Pane on Pref Window
  • fixed options dialog width for "Read It Later" extension
  • removed code for logo
  • fixed bug Silvermel's new tab button overriding TMP preferences
  • fixed the fix for Fox Tab :-) - it caused problems under Linux




Revision 2247

  • added hover effect for bookmarks on sidebar
  • fixed bug with Fox Tab v1.2
  • changed icon for application 16x16 and new icon for window at about:sessionrestore

Revision 2231

  • fixed input field too narrow when editing rules on Adblock Plus - build 1.1alpha.0+.2009061108
  • Thunderbird - added "Reply to list" button

Revision 2227

  • made compatible with upcoming Adblock Plus version - 1.1alpha.0+.2009061108
  • Thunderbird - fixed bug - folder-share.png icon appearing for childs of imapShared
  • added a background logo while tabs are being loaded

Revision 2221

  • added support for "Personas" extension
  • styled the stand alone window from "Stylish" and added button-icons

Revision 2210

  • fixed bug with the combination "TMP" and "Tree Style Tab" - tabs were too narrow in vertical mode
  • styled the addons window from Stylish
  • fixed issues with the "Tree Style Tab" extension
  • fixed issues related to the "Copy Attachment to Clipboard" extension
  • added custom icons for the "Web Developer" extension




Revision 2188

  • fixed bug with Speed Dial buttons
  • adjusted the "Clear Recent History" window's size for German builds
  • made resizer in Thunderbird 3.0.b3 the same as in Firefox (no-native)

Revision 2170

  • Thunderbird - fixed folder view cycler for TB3.0b3pre
  • Thunderbird - polish work on "Quick Account Setup"

Revision 2138

  • got rid of tabbar buttons backgrounds
  • Thunderbird - got rid of close button on first tab
  • fixed "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" actually displays bookmarks in customization palette
  • fixed home button shrinking on customize
  • fixed font colors on empty textboxes
  • added Geo.png
  • updated media files
  • fixed the Addons Window for Firefox 3.6a1
  • added css file for the sanitize Dialog - sanitizeDialog.css
  • fixed pageInfo for Firefox 3.6a1
  • changed the icon for the Session Restore page (warning instead question)
  • added focus selected status for application handling dialog
  • fixed Thunderbird's Options window "security" tab icon
  • artwork - new tab-close-buttons graphs
  • artwork - new IETab icons
  • fixed dropmarker on Yahoo Toolbar (for example)
  • got rid of tabmix plus "tabs-right-space"
  • fixed bug back and forward toolbarbuttons didn't react if clicked on the up or bottom side (2px)

Revision 2070

  • fixed jumping urlbar and searchbar when opening a new window
  • added a splitter background image for the url-search-bar splitter
  • some fixes for TMP dev version -
  • updated video folder
  • little adjust for the German Sanitize Dialog sizes
  • little adjust for Sanitize Dialog sizes
  • fixed bug - sites with more then one feed didn't show the feed button on FF 3.0 and FF 3.1 (3.5)
  • added application icon for menu-item "choose application" on subscribe.css

Revision 2050

  • Thunderbird - initial work on Activity Manager
  • icon for unknown plugin for Plugin Finder
  • aligned text on install missing plugins dialog
  • fixed the "Other Actions" Buttons for Lightning Tasks
  • Thunderbird - fixed junk mail button icon
  • fixed "add engine" menuitem not being blue with the "Organize Search Engines" extension
  • adjusted back and forward buttons on places
  • added background-color for richlistitem focus state on options > applications
  • removed the left padding from unified-back-forward-button

Revision 2023

  • changed the add-engines button color from orange to blue
  • fixed back and forward buttons - hover status centered
  • bumped Firefox maxVersion number

Revision 2015

  • added hover and active status on scrollbars
  • assigned the orange badge for new addons installed
  • removed margin for bookmarks items placed on menu
  • changed code for bookmarklets and added code for ftp bookmarks and about pages bookmarks according to:
    Bug 482235 - instead of exposing bookmarklets attribute, expose scheme in uri nodes:
  • added code for add engines button and font
  • fixed bold fonts for unread messages on TB 2.0
  • fixed new card for address book on TB 2.0

Revision 2002

  • changed rounded buttons - using the one-image background approach - this fix bug with buttons sometimes don't appear




Revision 1994

  • Thunderbird - fixed small glitch on the left from tabstrip
  • Thunderbird - fixed some console errors
  • fixed all tabs button hover state on FF 3.0
  • Thunderbird - fixed arrowscroll, tabs list and close tabs buttons on tabstrip
  • fixed tooltips on date picker for ReminderFox

Revision 1976




Revision 1935

  • Thunderbird - changed "flagged" icon to a "starred" icon
  • a new tab button flexible approach for FF 3.1b3pre
  • fixed issues for the Mnenhy extension on Thunderbird
  • fixed the appearance of this site: Planet Mozilla RSS
  • new graphics for tab bar buttons
  • changed tabbar buttons hover background

Revision 1900

  • changed background and labels for find bar
  • fixed close button and twisty for Lightning 1.0
  • changed statusbar shadow
  • made headers a little bit darker
  • optimized Silvermel XT code

Revision 1854

  • fixed bug All Tabs animation not showing
  • Thunderbird - fixed panes for New Contact dialog
  • cursor pointer only on clickable links at the sidebar (Bookmarks and History)
  • Silvermel as bundle - installs Silvermel XT extension to support font uppercase and letter spacing for labels on Firefox's sidebars, Thunderbird's folder pane, Thunderbird's Address Book and Thunderbird's Account Configuration window. The extension also colorizes the url bar according to security state.
    The extension only applies if Silvermel is the used theme.

Revision 1698

  • added files for scale widget
  • Thunderbird - fixed bug on Customize toolbars for addressbook not showing the right images
  • added support for the new tab styles from Tab Mix Plus
  • fixed width and height for several pref panes type child

Revision 1645

  • adjusted font size for the about:buildconfig page
  • aligned text with icons dirListing
  • styled the dirListing links colors
  • fixed popup for All in One Gestures
  • styled links on about: pages
  • fixed divContent margin for about:sessionrestore
  • fixed align for text with labels outside a textbox type search
  • added files for native movie player
  • added icon for Sage-Too on Add-ons Manager
  • fixed tooltip for Download Statusbar extension
  • added code for progress trees
  • styled date and time pickers
  • styled tooltips
  • Thunderbird - added support for BiDi Mail UI extension
  • fixed close button for Virtual Identity extension
  • icon on composer's "From" menulist
  • Lightning - fixed tab icons




Revision 1545

  • Thunderbird - styled the new Message Reader
  • Thunderbird - fixed bug with a large list of attachments
  • styled date and time pickers
  • Thunderbird - new draft-badge icon for 3.0
  • Thunderbird - styled the new 3.0 edit bookmark panel
  • Thunderbird - added new icon for compact button for 3.0
  • Thunderbird - added phishing badge icon
  • Thunderbird - fixed unsent folder icon for folder menu item
  • fixed color from tags in Thunderbird on Options Window when list is focused and selected
  • Thunderbird - added mail tabs for 3.0

Revision 1451

  • added code for menubar in the case windows are not focused
  • changed way to give shadows for pref window, addons window and about: pages
  • made labels for folders with new incoming mails blue
  • fixed inexistent images on Thunderbird's dialogs
  • fixed search button alignment on search dialog from Domi
  • added code for feed subscriptions
  • added rss icons for folder menus
  • fixed viewPicker dropmarker on Thunderbird
  • fixed some links pointing to the right images
  • code for images indicating new messages on local and new servers
  • code for new images indicating new messages on locked remote and news servers
  • added icon for phishing alert bar and changed the position from the icon
  • added code for search folders and fixed some links to the right images
  • fixed images on Thunderbird's subscribe - pointed to the right images
  • new icons for messenger - news server lock and server remote lock
  • fixed TMP's problem with scrollbutton-down and up

Revision 1417

  • fixed image from AdBlock Plus disabled icon on status bar
  • adjusted width at about:rights page
  • adjusts on identity button
  • made compatible with the new dev version from TMP
  • fixed Bug 455906 - Support severities for blocklist entries
  • fixed Bug 164608 - Menu bars in background windows should be grayed out (disabled appearance)
  • added icon on menu bar indicating private browsing mode
  • added code for download buttons on update window
  • fixed question icon for about:sessionrestore
  • added code and emblem for untrusted connection (about:certerror)
  • added rules for webmail extension (Thunderbird)
  • added icons for blocked and disabled plugins
  • styled private browsing window

Revision 1340

  • fixed background color from close-button.png
  • styled the about:sessionrestore window
  • adjusted twisty for today's pane for Lightning
  • fixed bug with today pane's rows on Lightning
  • changed colors for text links on Thunderbird
  • fixed issue on Thunderbird - tree rows background colors for rows that are selected but don't have focus

Revision 1318

  • fixed odd autoscroll button on Linux
  • using outline instead borders for starting and blocked-parental downloads

Revision 1303

  • fixed bug with attached vcards if "Display Attachments Inline" is choose on Original HTML View
  • new identity buttons on url bar




Revision 1294

  • some more fixes for Lightning
  • fixed appearance from preferences panes for some extensions
  • icon for Lightning's "create calendar"
  • icon for junk mail filters
  • changed opacity and text color for not active tabs
  • wider livemarks menus
  • fixed issues related to Tree Tab Style and TabMix Plus with vertical tabs
  • fixed glitches with Informational Tab extension




Revision 1261

  • small adjusts for "Fission" extension
  • made compatible with "Tab Mix Plus" version 0.3.7
  • adjusts for "Lightning" version 0.9
  • fixed style for readonly textboxes




Revision 1160

Revision 1112

  • fixed close button on new mail alert pane
  • fixed issues with the new mail alert pane for Thunderbird

Revision 1098

  • fixed bookmarks toolbar dropmarker issues
  • new scrollbars
  • fixed Lightning alarm snooze popup window buttons
  • getting rid of warning icon on alert message under Linux

Revision 1078

  • fixed small address button on Compose toolbar for Thunderbird




Revision* 1063

  • styled several pages from Firefox
    • list of some Firefox pages skinned from Silvermel:
      • "welcome humans!"
      • "address not found"
      • "reported web forgery"
      • "our contributors"
      • "Index of ftp://"
      • about:
      • about:plugins
      • about:crash
  • removed border radius from richlistitems on AddOns and Downloads Manager (you were right Max! ;-))
  • fixed issue with backgrounds from AIOS extension

Revision 1034

  • fixed annoying "jumping" window due to bookmark's toolbar
  • added AdBlock Plus white listed button
  • fixed bug with toolbarbutton from GMail Manager extension

Revision 1026

  • removed unused graphs
  • fixed folders pictures on menus from Thunderbird (compose - send copy to)
  • changed font type for Account Pane
  • fixed dropmarker inside textboxes
  • changed the packaging approach for the theme
    • better compression rate and better performance
    • removed support for FF 1.0
  • fixed appearance from bookmarks property pane if Favicon Picker extension is installed
  • fixed button from Flagfox's options window
  • adjusts on pref pane from AIOS
  • adjusts on tabs for Colorful Tabs

Revision 1002

  • fixed options window from Auto Hide Statusbar
  • added support for Colorful Tabs extension
  • adjust margin and padding for Download Helper toolbar buttons
  • fixed "jumping" toolbar when using Download Helper extension and small icons
  • fixed bug on statusbar from FoxClocks, Forecastbar, Forecastfox, etc. on FF 3.0
  • adjust dropmarker for Scrapbook search text box
  • fixed issues on toolbarbuttons from Lightning

Revision 990

  • visual improvement for ChatZilla
  • adjusts today pane tree twisty from Lightning
  • fixed toolbarbuttons from Lightning extension
  • fixed problem with notifications from Virtual Identity extension and Lightning
  • fixed issue on menupopup at back-forward-dropmarker
    • pages without a favicon becomes too narrow causing jump on mouse hover
  • fixed bug on gTranslate adding several times menupopups (change languages)
  • fixed width and height from TabMix Plus pref pane
  • fixed checked and disabled checkboxes
  • fixed separators on Thunderbird's menubar and made them more visible
  • fixed crashes on new mail alert from Thunderbird under Linux

Revision 966

  • make buttons at bottom from extensions preferences panes rounded instead square
  • general adjusts for tabpanels backgrounds
  • fixed padding for MRTech Toolkit's Addons Manager

Revision 960

  • added partial support for extensions:
    • AIOS
    • MRTech Toolkit
    • Fission
    • Custom Buttons
  • rounded button for import dialogs - Thunderbird
  • fixed import dialog bottom - Thunderbird
  • fixed Tag button on Thunderbird
  • hide Thunderbird's "subject" and "from" labels for all languages
  • fixed bug - find bar causing changes on urlbar and searchbar
  • fixed padding for back and forward buttons on Library
  • fixed tab drag indicator positions in FF 2.0 and FF 3.0
  • giving horizontal orientation for toolbar buttons type menu
  • fixed header with large list from addresses not being extended and/or collapsed - Thunderbird
  • fixed background for disabled items on Addons Manager
  • new warning icons
  • giving scrollbars for pref panes if necessary
  • fixed throbber opacity
  • fixed bug - toolbar separator if toolbar is configured for small icons
  • added unified back forward buttons on back-forward dropmarker menu


* Revisions are development builds. The numbers correspond changes on my Subversion repository. Many thanks to all users who help testing these builds, reporting bugs and sharing with me their experiences and ideas; specially to the german Firefox Community! Ihr seid Spitze! :-)